About Us

We are a multidisciplinary collective working at the intersection of art and architecture. 

We create installations, experimental spaces and  architectural projects with a focus on exploring more sustainable and connected ways of living.

Team Members

Alice Nivison 

Alice’s background in architecture and art inform her highly creative and imaginative approach. She is director of design and build company Fresh Prince, and has worked for art organisations such as Cave Urban and Kaldor Public Art Projects.

Angus Wirth

Architectural designer Angus’ experience spans across both architecture and construction industries. He has a distinct style and attention to detail, founded on a deep understanding of craftsmanship and respect for materiality.

Rachel Mackay 

Rachel is an independent designer and artistic director who works with spatial concepts and visual storytelling across film, architecture and the arts. Having lived in Copenhagen for six years, she has been involved in a number of award winning projects across Europe.

Richie Northcott

Richie is founding director of design and build company Fresh Prince. His love of plants and timber inspire Fresh Prince’s biophilic vision. Richie has worked across agro-forestry, sustainable start-ups and carpentry in Australia, Kenya and the United Kingdom.




2020 / Atmosphere: A Revival / Melbourne Design Week, National Gallery of Victoria

2019 / Atmosphere: A Future Design Experiment / Melbourne Design Week, National Gallery of Victoria

If you would like to enquire about a project please get in touch. 


(+61) 0478 430 322

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