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Studio Rain X Fresh Prince

Off-Grid Saunas

Architecturally Designed

We have designed a series of made-to-order saunas that are available to purchase for people residing in Australia. The saunas are designed and built to a high standard, as a turn-key solution for off-grid sauna experiences. 

The saunas include architecturally designed interior and exterior details, customised built in joinery, translucent light-weight roof and feature panels and a concrete-look fire-safe floor and wall surrounding the wood-fired sauna.


Each sauna is fabricated and installed via our build partners Fresh Prince, who will also oversee transport and installation of your sauna.


The saunas include a wood-fired stove heater unit and custom triple-sleeved flue to suit Australian safety standards, sauna rocks and a thermometer. 

Design Features

The saunas are lightweight, prefabricated structures that have a sensitive footprint on the site and the environment. The flat-packed design ensures that the sauna panels can be prefabricated in the workshop and transported to the destination seamlessly.


Translucent walls and roofing allows the natural light to filter in, through which softly diffused views of the surrounding landscape can be enjoyed.


The low swivel door is designed so as to let minimal heat escape and create a playful point of entry. 


The design of the structure’s slanted, extended roof allowed rain water to be captured and then pumped into a bucket shower system.



Sustainably sourced Cypress Pine.


Interior Seating

Western Red Cedar. It is known for its high impermeability to liquids and natural preservatives providing resistance to fungus and insect attack. It is ideally suited for exterior use where humidity is high.


Walls, Roof & Door

Polycarbonate. Lightweight, insulative and translucent allowing for a light-filled space.


Floor & Wall Segments 

Fibre cement. We have used fibre cement in the area where the stove is placed. It is a fire-proof material with a concrete look.

The Heat

Bucket Shower

Health Benefits

The heating system included with the sauna is a traditional wood-fired stove by Finnish brand Tylohelo. The wood-fired system means it uses no energy and allows the saunas to reach anywhere between 60 - 90 degrees Celsius. The stove is developed to extract maximum heat from as little wood as possible.

Having a means of cooling off after a sauna session is integral to the experience. A custom-designed bucket shower system can be built in conjunction with the sauna. The price for this will be determined at project onset, based on site-specific details.

Saunas are becoming increasingly popular in our health conscious society. Regular sauna bathing has the potential to provide many beneficial health effects.


“A 2015 study covering more than 2,300 middle-aged men in Finland, found the more frequently a man took a sauna, the lower his risk of fatal heart disease and early death. The same group of researchers has also reported an association between regular sauna use and a lower risk of high blood pressure, and between moderate to heavy use of saunas and a lower risk of dementia.” (Source: Harvard Health Blog)

“Taking a regular sauna is more than just a way to relax, according to a recent medical review of a number of studies published in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings… Frequent sauna bathers have more than a 60% reduced risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s. Other studies show that people who use the sauna more frequently are significantly less likely to suffer from lung illnesses, psychosis, headaches, and various forms of inflammatory painful conditions like arthritis. The researchers write that research in Japan indicates saunas may help improve the symptoms of patients with mild depression.”




  • The off-grid sauna is wood-fired and has no power requirements

  • Optional solar powered LED strip lights can be included

  • A separate electrical quote can be supplied for mains-powered electric saunas and or 240V lights

  • Fuel requirements for the sauna include pre-cut timber that is not treated or painted, with no nails up to 350mm long


  • Water use to create steam is poured manually from a ladle and bucket (can be supplied as an optional extra)

  • There is no waste water drain as the sauna is not designed to be filled with water

  • For optional bucket shower, a 12V pump and drain can be designed and plumbed to suit your site (pricing available based on intended site)




  • 2-4 person model includes two cedar bench seats at 450 and 900mm h

  • 4-6 person model includes three cedar bench seats at 450, 900 and 1350mm h


Sustainable features


  • Sustainably sourced Cypress Pine framing, a native Australian timber, harvested sustainably, naturally rot and termite resistant timber, with aromatic properties

  • Western Red Cedar, a timber which provides resistance to fungus and insect attack, while its low density offers very

  • good thermal insulation, with aromatic properties

  • Twinwall polycarbonate cladding maximises natural light whilst maintaining privacy and minimising heat loss

Safety and Certification

  • Our saunas are individually engineered and certified by a structural Engineer, with all plumbing and electrical work carried out by licensed plumbers and electricians

  • Wood Fired sauna heater units are covered by a two year limited warranty

  • Assistance with any additional planning permission or council approval can be provided on request


Transport to site


  • Costing for delivery to be supplied once exact location and terrain of the access road is known

  • If no road access is available the flat packed sauna can be packaged for transport to site via helicopter



  • All prices include complete on-site installation of the sauna and heating equipment

  • Maintenance and operation guidelines are supplied, as well as an assisted ‘burn in’, once the sauna has been installed

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